About APHF7

The Asia-Pacific Housing Forum (APHF) is a biennial conference organized by Habitat for Humanity with the aim to connect stakeholders engaged in finding solutions for inadequate shelter issues and promoting affordable housing as a driver of economic growth.
The 7th Asia-Pacific Housing Forum with the theme “Powering collaboration for housing impact” will be held from September 16 to 19 in Bangkok, Thailand. Lead in country events will take place in Bangladesh, New Zealand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India and the Philippines from April to July.
Since 2007, the event has brought together close to 5,000 participants, and is supported by UN-Habitat, Cities Alliance, IFRC, Arup, World Bank, Hilti Foundation, the University of New South Wales and other sector organisations.


What does APHF7 aim to achieve?

BUILD collaboration between organizations with the capacity to impact the low-cost housing sector in the Asia-Pacific region
RECOGNIZE  and act on the importance of shelter as a driver of inclusion, resilience and sustainability in human settlements
PROMOTE  leaders and sector players with innovative and high impact housing initiatives through the sharing of best practices.




About APHF7 Manila
In the Philippines, the preliminary event will take place on 29 to 31 July 2019 in Manila at the New World Hotel in Makati City with the theme “Bahay-Buhay: Housing as the key to sustainable growth.” Within the forum, special sessions will include: the Youth and SDG11 and a gala dinner to culminate Habitat Philippines' 30th year celebration.